Hilarious snaps show animals doing the strangest things

How pet-culiar! People share hilarious photos of their animals acting strangely – from a turtle breaking through a wall to a VERY angry cat

  • Animal Channel rounded up a selection of funny images from around the world
  • Among the post is an angry black cat that appears to be trying to stop a fight
  • Another images shows a turtle attempting to break through a concrete wall 

Being a pet owner is guaranteed to bring you joy, but as many of us know, our furry friends can often be hilariously unpredictable.  

Animal Channel has rounded up a selection of amusing photos from around the world that have gone viral because of the strange antics animals have been caught doing – including a black cat that attempted to break up a fight. 

Another snap shows a Dalmatian mesmerised by a cartoon dog of the same breed in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the most mischievous animals caught on camera…  

Animal Channel have rounded up a selection of viral images from around the world that show animals behaving in a strange way – including a very angry black cat 

Slow and steady! One bizarre photo appears to show a very determined turtle breaking through the walls of a house 

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Another snap could be mistaken for being a scene from Lord Of The Rings, as it shows a menacing cat protecting a precious bag of coins

A viral photograph of two dogs placing their head through the holes of a fence, gives the illusion that the canine has an extraordinarily long neck 

I’m on the big screen! A perfectly timed photograph captured the moment a Dalmatian was mesmerised to see a cartoon dog of the same breed on television 

One amusing optical illusion shows a cat walking behind a bag of cat food, while unaware that it appears to be merging with the packet 

Another weird photograph, taken in an unknown location, shows an elderly woman using a puppet to interact with a squirrel 

One perfectly timed snap shows a cat leaping onto the table, while seeming to have a Christmas turkey for its body

Another photograph shows a couple who had a memorable wedding, complete with a whale among guests

Spot the difference! A dog was photographed recreating the same pose as a portrait on the wall of its owner’s home 

Another amusing image shows a man struggling to concentrate at his desk, while his cat takes the place of a back cushion 

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