Hilarious images show jealous people caught on camera

Green eyed monsters! Hilarious images show people who couldn’t hide their jealousy- from gym envy to some VERY awkward third wheels

  • Hilarious photos in online gallery capture people with naked envy on their faces 
  • Several funny images show scowling third wheels alongside happy couples
  • Pictures include a man green with envy in the gym and a very bitter best friend 

We all let jealously get the better of us sometimes, but these bitter people may need to be a little more subtle when it comes to their green-eyed monster.  

In an amusing online gallery collated by Constative, people from around the globe have been snapped with their feelings written all over their face.

From envious pets dismayed at their owner spending time with other animals, to the third wheel snapped scowling as his pal kisses his new bride, these hilarious images are a reminder to always put on your game face for the camera. 

The series of pictures also includes a man feeling inferior at the gym, a little girl determined to blow out her own birthday candles, and a dog who attacked his owner’s new girlfriend. 

Here, Femail reveals the best examples of those who were very obviously green with envy. 

Protective pup! This devastated dog looked on enviously when his owner chose his other pet to cuddle at night 

Body envy! This insecure man looked on with jealousy at a considerably more muscular individual working out at the gym 

Three’s a crowd! This friend didn’t look impressed as his pal sat on his shoulders while puckering up at a party 

Marking his territory! This very protective dog attacked his owner’s new girlfriend as they tried to take a picture together 

That takes the cake! This little girl was determined to protect the candles on her birthday cake from being blown out by her pal 

 In tiers! This best man looked heartbroken as his closest friend kissed his new bride after they tied the knot 

Get the picture! One very angry looking pal jumped into a photo with two best friends who had left her out 

Green eyed cat! This feline was seen peering enviously over at his friend who was blissfully napping in the middle of the day 

Don’t forget about me!  This nosy dog refused to let his owners attention be placed on anything but him while he worked from home 

Sharing is caring! This cat looked bemused as their owner chomped away at their lunch without offering a bite 

There’s always next year! A camera caught this woman staring bitterly as a restaurant delivered a stranger his birthday cake 

Cat-astrophe! This very angry feline was not happy to start sharing his food with the owner’s new pet cat 

Frozen out! This little boy couldn’t hide his desire to get his hands on a giant ice cream that was so big it covered his dad’s entire face 

Not so gracious in defeat! This beauty queen was snapped looking a little less than impressed when her rival walked away with the crown 

Fur enough!  A disgruntled dog was not impressed by an interloper in the form of a teddy bear 

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