Hilarious gallery captures embarrassing moments at weddings

For better or WORSE! Hilarious photos capture awkward wedding blunders – including a groom who tore his trousers and a bride being dropped

  • Social media users from around the world have shared their embarrassing snaps
  • Amomedia rounded up a selection of funny photos taken on wedding days 
  • Among the images is a bridal party who dropped the bride during a group photo
  • Another bride was photographed with her veil trapped in a wooden step

For many couples their wedding day is the most photographed day of their life, but as these snaps prove, being the centre of attention can have its downsides.

Amomedia rounded up a selection of hilarious viral photographs from around the world that were taken a nuptials and feature mishaps with decorations and outfit disasters.

One snap shows wedding guests desperately trying to release a bride’s veil after it became trapped on a wooden step as she made her way down the aisle.  

Another photo shows the moment a groom realised his trousers had ripped, leaving his underwear exposed to all of their attendees.  

Amomedia rounded up a selection of hilarious photos taken on wedding days where something went wrong, including a bride who had the misfortune of her veil getting caught on a wooden step as she entered the ceremony (pictured)

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A man who lives in the U.S. captured the exact moment his brother realised he had ripped his trousers, revealing his underwear to all guests 

An American wedding photographer snapped a newlywed couple whose romantic boat picture ended with them falling into the water 

A wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire photographed a bride who was dropped by the groomsmen during a group photo 

Another photographer from North California snapped the surprising moment a giraffe attempted to eat the groom’s hat 

One woman shared a photograph her husband took on their wedding night, explaining he was blissfully unaware that her face was covered

A photographer based in France captured a couple’s desperate attempt at preventing their floral display from falling 

A photographer who lives in Washington shared a hilarious photograph of the bride being dropped during a romantic snap with her groom

A bride believed to be from the US shared a photograph on Instagram of the moment her bridal party failed to catch her bouquet – because it got stuck in the lights 

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