Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, Venus and Jupiter square off, providing a sensual, super hot vibe. Right afterwards, Venus leaves its fave sign, Taurus, and skips into Gemini, encouraging you to include more variety in your love life! Mars and Uranus gently connect on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Mercury harmonizes with Saturn. Finally, on Thursday, the Sun and dreamy Neptune hook up, and Jupiter enters Pisces, one of its fav signs, where it’ll remain for the next couple months!

What that means for you:


Venus entering Gemini tonight is activating your chart’s communications zone for the next month-ish, so you can expect tons of hotties to start sliding into your DMs! You’re feeling rather daring this weekend, so go ahead and shoot your shot. If you’re trying to take your love life a little more seriously, the best day of the week for you is Wednesday—the astro-weather is perfect for starting The Talk. It’s not super sexy energy, TBH, but it can be productive if you play your cards right!


Your fav planet, Venus, leaves your sign tonight, but thanks to buoyant Jupiter’s influence, you’re actually feeling very lucky when it comes to, well, getting lucky! You’re sharing—and receiving—more affection from everyone this weekend. If you’re feeling horned up, Tuesday’s hot and bothered vibe can help you find some action, all thanks to Uranus, the planet of surprises’, influence. Basically, this is one of the most stellar weeks for your love life this Taurus season—have fun!


Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, enters *your* sign tonight, so you’re absolutely radiating Venusian vibes. You’re looking good, feeling amazing, and you’re starting an exciting new cycle for your love life! Are you gonna meet your next boo? Turn your bae into your fiancé/e? The future is TBD, and this week is urging you to make sure you’re fully moved on from the past—all of your exes and old flames that you haven’t found closure from are coming back around. Talk things out once and for all (or just block ’em), so you can move on to better things.


Tonight has loads of potential for your love life, Cancer! If you’re just trying to fool around and flirt, this astro-weather is amazing, but if you’re looking for something more serious, you’re not likely to find it. Over the next few weeks, you’re being urged to take a look at the past, figure out what’s gone right (and wrong) with your relationships, move on from your exes, and basically give yourself a clean slate. So, don’t expect any major moves in your relationship any time soon, bb. Luckily, Mars, the planet of libido, is getting activated this week, so your sex drive is sky-high and finding a fling is a total breeze! Enjoy!


P. much all of this upcoming week’s planetary action is focusing on your love life, Leo! Tonight is a critical moment—the Venus/Jupiter square is pushing you to transform your relationship status, in whatever way is best for you. If that means dumping your shitty partner, then now’s the time to let them go. If you’re ready to DTR, now’s your golden opportunity! You’re learning the value of trust, intimacy, and commitment this week, Leo—which will be a continuing theme of the coming months, JSYK—and things are likely to get a little ~emotional~! This is a time with tons of potential, so get to work!


You’ve been toying around with a couple new crushes, maybe even gone on a few dates, but this week, you’re figuring out which one of your paramours is actual relationship material. In general, this is a positive week for you, but only if you try to keep a practical mindset. Just because someone’s really, really fun to be around, doesn’t mean that they’re the best potential partner for you. On the other hand, you could be with someone who seems great on paper, but just not feel an emotional or physical connection. You have a lot of options right now, Virgo, and the choices you make now in your love life will have a ton of significance in the long term. No presh!


As this week’s astro-weather becomes progressively more Geminian, you’re finding that your life is starting to feel way less serious and way more upbeat! Now’s the time to experiment a little, Libra. What—or who—can you introduce into your love life to make it more exciting? Have fun this week, because the vibe is truly all about adding ~a little spice~ however you can. Just don’t be reckless, though—you can fool around and flirt and have fun while still being safe.


Ooh la la, Scorpio, you’re getting some major action this week! There’s a gorgeous blend of romantic and sexy astro-weather going down in your chart right now. Spending time with your special someone feels more meaningful, and life in the bedroom is hotter than ever! All of this, plus Taurus season’s vibes (Taurus season is basically cuffing season for your sign, FYI!) make now an amazing time for upgrading your love life. Oh, and lucky Jupiter entering Pisces at the end of the week is encouraging a ton of growth and excitement in your love life for the next couple of months!

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Look at this week as if you’re laying the groundwork for your future love life, Sagittarius. Your chart’s relationships zone is being lit up by all of the planetary action happening in Gemini this week, and you can expect new connections, important conversations, and meaningful experiences with your special someone. The choices you make now have long-lasting consequences that’ll fully come around when Gemini season begins, so spend some time truly thinking about who/what you need long-term.


If there was ever a time to engage in an all-out, unapologetically hedonistic time with someone sexy, it’s tonight, Capricorn! To call this astro-weather super steamy, extremely erotic, and totally unforgettable would be a massive understatement—so loosen up and live! Just remember that this is primarily a short-term transit, so don’t expect this weekend’s hookup to end up being the LOYL. But even after this stellar transit is over, you’re still finding tons of romance (or even more hookups!) all week long. The stars have your back 110% this week, bb, so take advantage of this kickass astrology!


Saturn, the planet of boundaries and obstacles, has been chilling in your sign for a while now, and you’ve likely been struggling to feel like you’re truly connecting with others. This week, though, the stars are switching things up! Venus is activating your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone for the next several weeks, and you feel like you can open up, express yourself, and just let loose. This week’s a sweet sample of the upcoming Gemini season’s vibes, and as we get closer to mid-May, you’re finding more romance, better sex, and more love in general—enjoy!


Tonight’s the night you’re finally making up with your ex, Pisces—as long as you play your cards right, that is. An ex is coming back around, and you can find closure tonight, but….they’re looking like a pretty tasty snack right about now! Try to avoid a hookup so you can move on from the past and move forward with your love life—Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the week, helping you feel lucky and attracting tons of exciting opportunities for growth. Leave your ex in the past—there’s tons of potential coming in the future that you don’t want to waste!

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