Have YOU tried a Dalgona? New creamy coffee drink sparks viral craze

Have YOU tried a Dalgona yet? New creamy coffee drink sparks viral craze – with thousands whipping up the Instagrammable beverage while in lockdown

  • Drink originated in South Korea before going viral after video shared on TikTok
  • Involves 3 ingredients – instant coffee, hot water and sugar – whisked together
  • Frothy, creamy mixture is then added to hot or cold milk with ice cubes in a glass
  • Thousands have shared snaps of their homemade Dalgona coffees on Instagram 

With the majority of cafes closed during lockdown, many Brits are getting creative in the kitchen – and not just when it comes to cooking and baking.

A new type of coffee, called a Dalgona, which requires minimal ingredients, is sweeping the internet – with many self-made baristas sharing snaps of their Instagrammable brews online. 

The simple recipe involves three key elements – two tablespoons of instant coffee, hot water and sugar, which are combined and whisked together.

The frothy mixture is then scooped on top of a glass of warm or cold milk with ice, turning it into a delicious latte-style drink.

A new type of coffee, called a Dalgona, which requires minimal ingredients is sweeping the internet – with many self-made baristas sharing snaps of their Instagrammable brews online (pictured)

Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea – though it’s arguably very similar to the traditional Greek Nescafé Frappé. 

It’s now a viral trend after videos of people making the creamy drink were widely shared and watched on TikTok. The hashtag ‘coffeewhip’ has more than 1.4million views on the platform.

The hashtag #dalgonacoffee has been used nearly 73,000 times on Instagram, with thousands sharing photos of their perfected drinks.

To really froth up the coffee mixture, it’s easier (and less time-consuming) to use an electric whisk.

Some people have opted to modify their Dalgonas, adding coffee liqueur and adding half milk, half Baileys. Here FEMAIL tries the original recipe – with satisfying results… 

‘An indulgent afternoon treat – but beware the caffeine hit!’: FEMAIL’S verdict on the Dalgona coffee

Femail reporter Hayley Richardson’s homemade Dalgona coffee

Having enjoyed many a Greek Frappé back in the good old days when we were still allowed to go on holiday (damn you, coronavirus), I was excited to try this new treat, as it sounded very similar.

In our house we only had Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Medium Roast Instant Coffee, which I combined with two tablespoons of white sugar (I have to admit I winced as I dropped that in – that’s a LOT of sugar) and two tablespoons of water.

I think used an electric mixer to whisk it up, which it did in under a minute (though the noise of the machine certainly irked my boyfriend, who passively aggressively turned up the volume of his Formula One documentary). 

The mixture turned to a glossy, golden-coloured whip which I then spooned over two small glasses of milk and ice cubes. The effect was what I’d seen on Instagram, a satisfying layered drink which looked like the reverse of a Cappuccino. Make sure you make it in a glass for maximum Insta-impact.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a good stir before you drink it, and also if possible using the finest ground instant coffee you can find – ideally powdered. 

Our mix did leave a few large grains of coffee which have the texture and taste of bitter toffee. If you’ve only got thicker granules, try using a spoon to crush the grains against the glass and break them down after adding the water before whisking it.

I’d also experiment with using less sugar, as this mixture really does make it quite sweet. And beware the serious caffeine hit…

Instagram users from around the world have shared their own Dalgona attempts online…

One Instagram user from an undisclosed location whipped his mixture into stiff peaks, adding a stylish element to his drink

Sarah Chan, originally from Singapore and living in Sevilla, used decaf Nescafe Gold and muscovado sugar for her Dalgona, adding slightly less sweetener for a more dominant coffee taste, and topped it over soy bean milk before dusting it with a little cocoa powder

Double trouble! Instagram user Varun Ansh, from India, prepared two Dalgona coffees using tall glasses to hold more milk

Coffee enthusiasts teamlost, from Bremen, decided to try out a Dalgona to see if it could become their new summer drink – with mixed reviews

Instagram user Katrina, from an unknown location, shared a snap of her Dalgona after giving it a stir 

Blogger Sandrex, from Sorsogon in the Philippines, shared this snap of his delicious Dalgona with the hashtags #sweet and #bitter

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