Greg James takes swipe at Elon Musk as blue tick removed and his rocket explodes

Greg James has taken a cheeky dig at Twitter owner Elon Musk after his rocket spectacularly exploded four minutes after takeoff.

The SpaceX owner’s latest aircraft – the world’s largest and most powerful rocket – erupted into a giant fireball over the Gulf of Mexico after it failed to separate on April 20.

The £2.5billion-Starship blew up and crashed back down to Earth during its first orbital launch – and despite Musk, 51, admitting there was a 50% chance of it failing, the venture still cost up to £8b.

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And in other Musk news, he also recently announced that the precious “blue tick” – that proves users are “verified" – would be removed unless they paid a monthly fee, starting at about £6 a month.

This includes thousands of celebrities, including presenter Greg James.

The disgruntled Radio 1 star jokingly posted: “I lost my blue tick but your rocket blew up so who’s the real loser.”

Fans were quick to point out that Greg, 37, was “missing the point” of the mission as the rocket was only meant to clear the launchpad and was a test flight so the explosion was expected.

Meanwhile, Greg recently opened up about getting hit in the head by a bus while walking on the pavement.

He spoke about the shocking moment on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast as he discussed dealing with road rage.

He said: "I got really cross at a bus driver once. I was waiting for a bus because I'm incredibly down to earth and take the bus…

"He swooped in so quickly he hit my head. He actually hit my head.

"I was on the pavement. I said 'mate, you just hit me in the head with your bus'. He went 'oh shut up'."

Greg continued: "I said 'what do you mean shut up? You hit me with your bus, look how big your bus is'. I get riled at transport.

"The real darkness comes when I'm tired, stressed and overworked. I have really horrible moments of crippling self-doubt sometimes.

"I wake up and think how am I going to do this radio show today? Am I any good? I've been doing it for ages, maybe I should be doing something else."


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