Grace Kelly wedding jewels worth millions including stunning tiara with a peculiar history

Royal princesses wear tiaras as a rule, and who wouldn’t you, if you had dozens of diamond diadems to choose from. Many royal tiaras have traceably histories, belonging to famous families and crafted by some of the most luxurious jewellery houses in the world.


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However, for Grace Kelly, one of her favourite tiaras had a mysterious background.

The piece, known only as the “diamond tiara”, has never had its provenance revealed.

The name of the maker of the tiara has never been revealed, but it is crafted from 256 diamonds.

Two hundred and fourteen modern cut diamonds are in the tiara, and 42 baguette diamonds.

Modern cut diamonds, or brilliant round diamonds, are the most popular.

The piece has also been called the Diamond Swag tiara, and is likely to be have been a gift to Grace from her husband Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, as she began wearing it in the early years of her marriage.

These days the piece is held in the Grimaldi family’s private collection.

It seemed Grace owned only two tiaras in her private collection, this piece and the Société des Bains de Mer tiara.

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This was given to her by the Société des Bains de Mer, a company, and it was made by Cartier.

The diamond piece featured three large rubies in a diamond frame.

The current prince of Monaco is Prince Albert of Monaco who is married to Charlene.

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