'Genius' pumpkin carving hack has people realising they've been doing it wrong

This weekend many of you will be undertaking the task of carving a pumpkin.

It is a true signifier of Halloween and is a seasonal tradition that all ages can enjoy.

However, lets be honest, carving a pumpkin isn’t easy.

It’s mind-boggling and messy and just plain difficult. Sometimes, it feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

But it turns out that pumpkin carving never had to be so difficult.

A clip shared on TikTok is claiming that everyone has been carving pumpkins wrong.

The video was shared by a grandmother who has more than 2.6 million followers on her account @brunchwithbabs.

In it, Babs surprises viewers by cutting the bottom of her pumpkin rather the top.

‘Did you mother ever teach you the dos and don’ts of pumpkin carving?’ Babs asks her followers.

She continues: ‘Don’t stand and carve your pumpkin, sit with it on your lap.’

🎃Do’s and Don’ts of Pumpkin Carving 🎃It is a treasured tradition in our family to carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  But with all the yuck and mess, sometimes my kids would quit the project before we even started.  Babs’ Do’s and Don’ts for Pumpkin Carving, saves the mess and speeds up carving so you can have the perfect jack-o-lantern with no mess and no fuss.  Happy Halloween 🎃XO Babs 1. Carve from bottom.  That way you have the stem to hold onto and you can easily slip the pumpkin right over a candle or flashlight. 2. Hold pumpkin in your lap to carve.  You will have a much steadier pumpkin to cut.    3. Use a red dry erase marker to sketch your design. It erases easily and if you miss a spot, it blends in. 4. Use a hand mixer to clean out your pumpkin. 5. Use cookie cutters and a rubber mallet to carve your design. 6. Cover all cut surfaces with Vaseline to keep the pumpkin moist after carving.  Pumpkins should last 1-2 weeks carved! 7. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the inside top of your pumpkin for festive pumpkin spice smell when a candle is lit inside the pumpkin.  🎃 #pumpkincarving

Babs then cuts off the bottom of the pumpkin rather than the top. She advises users to not use their hands or a spoon to remove the pulp.

Instead, use a electric hand mixer.

She explains that the mixer does all the hard work by loosening the strings and seeds which you can then easily scoop out.

For designing the pumpkin face, Babs says to use a non-permanent red marker so that ‘you can remove the lines after your carve.’

She adds: ‘If you don’t want to struggle using a knife to carve your pumpkin, just use a soft headed mallet and push it right through.’

Babs also applies Vaseline where the pumpkin was cut.

This keeps it ‘moist and it won’t dry out as quickly and it should last about one to two weeks.’

The video has been watched over 25 million times and viewers were seriously impressed.

‘God, I love you. I have been doing everything wrong the last 40 plus years of my life,’ wrote one follower.

While another added: ‘I was today years old when I realised I’ve been doing this the hard way my entire life.’

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