Fyre Festival Ticket Holders Win $7,220 USD Each in Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Trustees of the the infamous Fyre Festival assets and its ticket holders have finally reached a settlement in the class action lawsuit, awarding the 227 attendees a total of $7,220 USD each.

According to reports, the settlement was filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Southern Distrcit of New York on April 13 but a hearing for approval is not scheduled until May 13. “It’s a small but significant step for ticket holders who were defrauded and had their lives up ended as a result of the fraudulent conduct by [Fyre founder Billy] McFarland,” Ben Meiselas, the lead attorney for the ticket holders and partner at Geragos & Geragos, said in a statement. He revealed that there will be enough money for the payout despite the multiple creditors in the bankruptcy case, but the total amount may not be the full $7,220 USD. The exact number will be finalized in the near future and he ensured that “there will be monetary relief in some form or fashion pending approval.”

Earlier this April 2021, Trevor DeHaas announced that he will be selling his viral tweet of Fyre’s sloppy cheese sandwich as an NFT via Ja Rule‘s FlipKick platform, pricing it at $122,000 USD. The proceeds will be used for DeHaas’ medical expenses that include his daily dialysis and kidney transplant.

Elsewhere in music, Questlove is releasing a new book entitled Music Is History.
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