Future Islands Pour Their Heart Out Into 'For Sure' on 'Colbert'

Ahead of their new album As Long As You Are, out this Friday, Future Islands played their single “For Sure” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday night.

Sam Herring, the band’s frontman, has become notorious for his passionate late night performances, and this one was no different. Herring danced and leapt around what little space onstage he had, beating his chest and pouring all his heart out into the song. Following Covid-19 regulations, there was no live audience to view the band, but that didn’t really matter – Herring completely sold it to whoever was watching at home.

As Long As You Are follows Future Islands’ last album The Far Field, released in 2017. Although As Long As You Are will be officially out on Friday, the band have launched a website, As Long As You Are Listening, Together, that allows fans to listen to the album early on one condition: The platform detects a person’s geographic location and, once enough people from the same area are online at the same time, the album stream will be unlocked. Fans can then listen together in real-time, sharing stories and initial impressions via the chat-box.

Future Islands will also perform a livestream show on their album release date; tickets are available now.

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