Friends who created 'world's worst Airbnb' attempt to outdo themselves

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Last year, three friends attracted attention by trying to set up the ‘worlds worst Airbnb’ – consisting of a mattress and a chest of drawers in a field.

Jamie Kamaz, Rhys Simmons and Thomas Michaelides posted the videos on their Youtube channel Passion Squad.

But not to be outdone, the trio has set up another listing attempting to make it ever worse.

They placed a chest of drawers, an inflatable mattress, some carpet and a questionable piece of art, overlooking the iconic arch at Durdle Door, Dorset, one of the UK’s most visited tourist destinations.

Jamie, 24 from Hitchin, London, runs the Passion Squad Youtube channel with Rhys, 24 and Thomas, 24, who both live in Enfield.

Jamie said: ‘Our part 1 video got a really got interaction with the people so we thought we’d make a follow up video but elevate it to the next level with the location.

‘I think the most challenging part was the logistics of the trip. Carrying all the equipment to such an extravagant location wasn’t easy.

‘Also not knowing if it will do great on the airbnb website was also quite the nerve-racking challenge.

‘It was fun. We had dozens of people walk past and talk to us about what we were doing. The response was all very comedic so if anything it goes more excited to put it into video form and show everyone.’

Surprisingly, like their first attempt, they actually had a lot of interest.

Jamie added: ‘Some of the responses were absolutely hilarious, within the first 24h we got over 10 request which was very surprising.

‘I think majority of messages were sarcastic and knew it was a joke but with a few we couldn’t figure out if they were serious or not which made it all the more funnier.

‘I think the main goal is to entertain people so if they walked away with a smile and shared it with their friends then that’s our goal accomplished.’

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