‘Friend of a Friend’ Is a New Group Exhibition That Celebrates the Power of Collaboration

Vincent Di Nguyen is an artist and curator best known for his visual development on films such as Epic, Rio and Ice Age: Collision Course. Originally from Houston, Nguyen has spent the past two decades living between New York City and London, working with a number of creatives across the industry. Despite the buzz of a big metropolises, the Houston-native always felt a longing to showcase the artists he’s met along his travels to his home city.

Nguyen will bring this aspiration to life through a new group exhibition at Reeves Art & Design in Houston. Aptly titled Friend of a Friend, the show will present a range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, digital and mixed media works from local and established artists, such as Mark Flood, Taylor Lee, James Jean, Natalia Arbelaez, Mark Dean Veca and more.

Upon returning down south, Nguyen notes of how much the art landscape has changed. “You have more access to everything.” At the core of the show is a celebration of both the city of Houston and the arts hub it’s becoming, as well as highlighting the connections we make during the creative process. Friend of a Friend will run from May 12 to June 3.

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Reeves Art & Design
2415 Taft Street
Houston, TX 77006

Exhibiting Artists:

Natalia Arbelaez,
Austyn Taylor
Ryan Travis Christian
Mike Lee
Judith Supine
James Jean
Mark Dean Veca
Taylor Lee
Ron DeFelice
Wendy Park
Jake Clark
Jeffry Mitchell
AP Shrewsbury
Taylor McKimens
Peter Nguyen
Robert Mackenzie
Dan Mandelbaum
Vincent Di Nguyen
Ben Peterson
Mark Flood
Yeonsoo Kim
Jihye Han

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