Foodie’s roast potatoes recipe makes them ‘perfect’ without duck fat or flour

A food lover has found a perfect recipe to make roast potatoes using only one kitchen staple.

Ellie, from London, said she could give the same crispy texture on the roast spuds without using duck fat or flour.

Duck fat can give the extra-oomph to the roasties when it comes to frying vegetables or chickens, but it doesn't matter if you don't have that in your kitchen.

The food blogger shared her cooking hack on TikTok @ellieeatsinlondon to show how it can be done using vegetable oils instead.

She says: "So to get these roasties, you have to get your oven up to 180C and put a centimetre or two of vegetable oil in a roasting tray.

"Then you want to boil your potatoes and make sure they are nice and fluffy on the outside by tossing them up in the colander.

Next is the seasoning, Ellie suggests to shuffle the potatoes while adding salt and pepper it.

She continues: "Once the oil is hot, you place the potatoes in the oil, I like to put a sprinkle of rosemary in the pan, as well as a couple of cloves of garlic.

"Then you want to pop these in the oven."

The key is to bring them out every 15 minutes and turn them over until they are in golden colour.

"This is how you get crispy potatoes," she says when cracking one potato open with a crunchy sound.

To achieve the crispy texture, she keeps the tatties in the oven until the colour change "even if it's an hour".

Viewers were amazed by the simple steps and said the roasties look "unreal".

One said: "These look unbelievable. Heaven!"

But some argued that she used too much oil to roast and it came out greasy.

"Too oily," a viewer wrote. "Goose and duck fat is so much better for you than cooked oil."

"That oil would kill me," a second added.

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