Food on Deliveroo, JustEat & Uber Eats cost up to 44% more than Ordering direct

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If you order food on apps like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and JustEat then you could be paying up to 44% more than if you went direct.

Research by consumer expert Which? looked at the cost of ordering meals for between two and four people from five restaurants.

They did so on the three main food delivery sites and directly from the vendor.

And, the results showed that app users are getting less for their money.

That’s a fair few of us too as 56% of Brits have used delivery apps this year with takings of over £1billion.

However, using Deliveroo, Uber Eats or JustEat is on average 23% (£7.14) more expensive than ordering directly.

The prices on the apps are set directly by the restaurant, but they often hike them up to cover costs related to the app.

And, ordering direct and collecting also means you don’t have to pay a delivery fee.

Deliveroo was the most costly app – on average 31%, or £10, dearer than going direct.

UberEats was 25%, or £8, and JustEat 7% or £1.56 more.

Although, one order was cheaper than going direct on JustEat thanks to a 20% discount.

JustEat said that it has a price promise to help customers make sure they don’t pay more when choosing delivery rather than ordering directly.

The most expensive order was a £43.94 Deliveroo takeaway from TexMex restaurant which cost 44% (£12.29) more.


Before adding on the delivery and service charges the food was already 26% (£8.30) more costly.

Seven in 10 Brits said that they use delivery apps at least monthly with JustEat being the most popular.

Adam French, Which? consumer rights expert, said: “Next time you fancy a takeaway, you should be aware that the undoubted convenience offered by a delivery app comes with a hidden additional cost.

"If something goes wrong with your order, you might also find yourself caught between the restaurant and the app."

While, a Deliveroo spokesperson told the Daily Star: “Deliveroo always aims to offer our customers great value while also delivering sustainable growth for our restaurant partners.

"We encourage restaurants to set the same menu prices as they offer customers when dining in, and the commission we charge is then reinvested back into our business, paying for riders’ fees, customer services and upgrading our services for restaurants.

"We also provide a 24/7 customer care service and a live chat function to help resolve any customer issues as quickly as possible."

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A JustEat spokesperson said: "Just Eat is only successful if our restaurant partners are successful. We believe our commission rates are aligned with the value we provide to our partners and we have a track record of helping restaurants prosper .

"It’s really important to us that our customers have a positive experience when using Just Eat.

"Whenever we're made aware of any customer experience that falls short of the high standards we hope to deliver, we will always investigate with our independent restaurant partners and take appropriate action to ensure we find a suitable solution.”

An Uber Eats spokeswoman said: "At Uber Eats, we are completely focused on ensuring that the best restaurants and the best selection of food is available to customers, delivered in an average time of less than 30 minutes."

The Daily Star contacted Deliveroo, JustEat and Uber Eats for further comment.

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