Flight attendant exposes ‘secret’ places on planes most people don’t know exist

A flight attendant has given a virtual tour of the "secret" places on a passenger plane most people never get to glimpse.

Kat Kamalani, who uploaded the video to her TikTok account, firstly warned her viewers never to try and get into these places.

You won’t have access – we have a special key to get there – and you’ll get kicked off the plane and in big trouble so don’t do it.

Kat then shows pictures of bunk beds where the crew sleep on their breaks and notes it's very "claustrophobic" but there are curtains for privacy.

She says: "There could be flight attendants sleeping below your feet or above your head."

The crew get to choose if they are bottom or top bunk, depending on seniority, Kat adds.

She says: "Depending on how long the flight is on miles we get a rest.

"So half the crew will climb down these little steps or go up the steps and they'll be able to sleep in these bunk beds.

"They're super claustrophobic, super small, and will usually have a curtain for some privacy.

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"You'll have to buckle in if there's turbulence."

Pilots sleep in a separate area in business class because it’s near the cockpit, Kat adds.

The video has since been watched more than 3 million times and received 300,000 "likes", with thousands of people leaving comments.

A fan said: "Now I'm gonna become a flight attendant just to go to these places."

One smug viewer said: "Well once I had the chance to go there as a passenger but only because the person I was traveling with felt super sick."

"Lol once a pilot sat next to me on a flight and told me everything about it like these secret things," said a third person.

Meanwhile, someone else advised: "Be nice to flight attendants and they will treat you like royalty."

This comes after a flight attendant revealed a secret code word used to point out a passenger they fancy to other members of the crew.

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