Fitness coach's tips for enjoying Christmas feast without overdoing it

How to avoid weight gain over Christmas: Fitness coach, 31, reveals her simple tips for enjoying guilt-free festive treats without overdoing it

  • A fitness couch reveals her simple tips for enjoying a guilt-free Christmas feast
  • Sophie Allen said her followers have bombarded her with weight gain concerns
  • The 31-year-old reminded everyone that ‘one day off won’t ruin your progress’ 

A fitness couch has revealed her simple tips for enjoying a guilt-free Christmas feast without derailing your diet or workout goals.

Sophie Allen, from Sydney, said she’s been bombarded with questions about weight gain concerns from her social media followers, including ‘how do I tackle Christmas day?’ and ‘I’m scared I’ll ruin my progress, what should I eat?’ 

The 31-year-old explained how you can still enjoy the foods you love without feeling wrecked with guilt about treating yourself.

Fitness couch Sophie Allen (pictured), from Sydney, has revealed her simple tips for enjoying a guilt-free Christmas feast without derailing your diet or workout goals

Sophie’s day on a plate

BREAKFAST: 1-2 coffee with almond milk and egg whites with zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, avocado and kale 

LUNCH: Chicken salad with pumpkin, kale, carrot, coconut/tamari dressing, tomatoes, avocado and pumpkin seeds

DINNER: Mexican taco bowl with beef mince, zucchini, pineapple, carrot, mushrooms, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, vegan cheese and soft corn taco shell

DESSERT: Egg white pancake with peanut butter, berries, banana and cinnamon

‘First of all, it’s totally valid to feel a bit of anxiety anytime there a change to your routine. But I want to remind you that you have complete control around your decision making,’ the 30-year-old wrote on Instagram.

‘Personally, I’ll be taking a maintenance day and I won’t be tracking, I’ll be guesstimating. And it’s important to note one day off won’t ruin your progress⁣.’

On Christmas day, Sophie said she’ll be starting her morning with a small breakfast.

‘Most likely pushing that meal back closer to lunch time so I’m full before I eat and therefore make choices on a full stomach,’ she explained.

Throughout the festive feast, she’ll be eating food off a smaller plate so she’s aware of her portions.

‘I’m making sure I’m getting enough protein in for the day (to keep me full) but also if you can’t do this for one day, it’s not the end of the world⁣,’ she said.

Sophie said she’ll be moving her body throughout the day and she’ll be conscious of the energy in certain foods.

‘I love dessert, but I can fill up on salads and vegetables so I don’t feel the urge to eat three plates of dessert,’ she said. 

But she warned not to ‘let one day turn into one week’ of indulgence.

‘The next meal you eat, make it a thing that signals you’re on your process, that’s all it takes,’ Sophie added.

Earlier this year, Sophie shared her exact morning routine.

‘I have the most beautiful morning routine that genuinely sets me up to have a happy and productive day,’ she said.

‘I wake up around 6:20am, open the curtains behind my head to get sun exposure (this helps me use only one alarm rather than five.’

Once she’s up, she thinks about ‘everything I’m grateful for’ and then she meditates for 10 to 20 minutes.

‘This has been the way for two years now and it’s changed my life,’ she insisted.

‘Then I’ll eat something, shower, do my make up then either go train or go for a walk and swim⁣.’

Sophie said during her morning routine, she’ll only look at her phone before 8am is when she needs to open her meditation or weather apps. 

‘I don’t start my morning by seeing what others are doing, opening emails or text messages – that’s one way to totally f*** up my morning and start a spiral of thoughts no one needs,’ she explained.⁣

‘The first hour (or two if you’re lucky) are sacred, they’re your own, so use them wisely.⁣ These little routines and habits might seem inconsequential, but building on these has allowed for more mental space for creativity, productivity, positive self talk, calmness and ultimately living a life that makes me happy. 

‘These small habits make up my big ones – whether that’s an environment for fat loss, building muscle or feeling healthy and energised.’

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