Fans Comment on Size of Super Nintendo World Based on Aerial Footage

Aerial footage of Universal Studios Japan has just been released. The helicopter clip shows just how big, or small in this case, Osaka’s Super Nintendo World is. Set to open on February 4, the footage has fans a bit worried as from the scale of the attraction, when compared to the neighboring JAWS and Harry Potter sites, looks rather cramped and small.

While many do not doubt that it will be a momentous experience, the spiking number of COVID-19 cases is giving many a cause for concern with just how tight Super Nintendo World appears to be. Many have gone online to leave comments like: “Is this where the coronavirus will be cultivated?”, “It does look like a prison,” and “I imagine it will be packed with old dudes who like Nintendo.” Giving fans hope is that when compared to the cars in the parking lot, the attraction is actually quite sizeable, not to mention that there is still going to be the future addition of a Donkey Kong area.

Even if we won’t be traveling anytime soon, it’s still cool to see this Nintendo theme park coming together.

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