Families begin challenge of home learning in the time of COVID-19

Thousands of Victorian families have begun trying to navigate the challenge of home-learning this morning, with class officially back in session.

Donna Lancaster’s four children made this timetable to help them negotiate home school a little easier. Credit:Donna Lancaster

"We are in a rental because we are building a house, it's the size of an apartment, and we are using mobile internet and no printer. That’s challenges that some of us face. We will do what we can. We can’t sit and watch YouTube all day," Ms Lancaster said.

"The school has been fantastic. They have come up with a really good website, one of the teachers is really good at IT. They’ve given a timetable for the week and I will go through that with them and I will help them out."

"My kids like routine too so [the timetable they made] saves 500 questions of what we have got to do after lunch.

I think there will be challenges, for everyone. If we go into it with an open mind I think it will be okay. I am lucky I am not trying to work as well. I have friends trying to run businesses and do this.”

Donna said little things, like teachers recording videos to explain mathematics games set for the students, are making life much easier.

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