Fall Out Boy's 'So Much (For) Stardust' "Crynyl" Is Pressed With Pete Wentz's Real Tears

Fall Out Boy has unveiled a limited-edition “crynyl” of their latest studio album So Much (For) Stardust, which arrives with real tears from the band’s lead lyricist and bassist Pete Wentz.

A fully playable double-sided LP, the crynyl was created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based art studio BRAIN and will only be available in 50 copies. The record is sealed with Wentz’s actual tears and stored in a gatefold box with a built-in tissue dispenser so fans can wipe away their own tears.

So Much (For) Stardust is the band’s eight studio album and is widely considered as a return to form, receiving positive reviews from critics. It went on to peak at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and at No.1 on the Top Rock Albums.

Fall Out Boy’s So Much (For) Stardust crynyl is available now on the official Crynyl webstore for approximately $100 USD.

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