Ex-WWE champion Alberto Del Rio indicted by grand jury for aggravated kidnapping and could face life in prison

FORMER WWE star Alberto Del Rio has been indicted by a grand jury in Texas on charges of aggravated kidnapping.

The 43-year-old – real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan – was arrested in May over an alleged sexual assault where he was also accused of beating a woman in San Antonio.

According to PW Insider, the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion has formally been accused of one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault.

The Mexican-born wrestler had been out on bail after posting a £38,450 bond, though it is understood he will be taken into custody on Friday.

If convicted in the first degree, Del Rio could face between five years to life in prison and/or a fine up to £7,600.

Should Del Rio prove that he released the victim voluntarily, then he would be convicted in the second degree of aggravated kidnapping.

This would mean that he could face a prison sentence between two and 20 years and/or a fine up to £7,600.

A press release statement read: "Two men indicted for separate sex offences this week, Bexar County Grand Juries handed down 250 felony indictments.

"Jose Rodriguez Chucuan is charged in a multi-count indictment. The indictment alleges that on May 3, 2020, Chucuan committed one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault.

"Anthony Martinez is charged with sexual assault of a child. The indictment alleges that on May 22, 2020, Martinez committed the offence of sexual assault of a person younger than 17 years of age.

"Both cases are being prosecuted by the Family Violence Division in the 226th District Court.

"Because these cases are pending trial, we can make no further comment on them."

Del Rio – who was once engaged to WWE legend Paige – is said to have assaulted the woman more than once.

The victim also said the former United States champion ‘slapped her across the head’ several times and ‘forced her to wear a dress and dance for him’.

Documents also say Del Rio threatened he would 'take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere'.

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