Ex-adult star Lana Rhoades wrote love letters to female inmates while in prison

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Ex-porn star Lana Rhoades has told how she “kissed girls and wrote them letters” while in a juvenile prison for being part of a Chicago gang.

Lana, 24, spoke to Harry Jowsey on his “Tap In” podcast about her life in the adult industry, which she has now quit, as well as her troubled childhood.

She explained how she spent a year in prison when she was 16 after getting mixed up with a Chicago gang.

“I was guilty by association, I had a boyfriend, and in Chicago because the gang violence is so bad, if you are with people who are committing crimes and there are more than four people, then you are all charged with the same thing. Under some gang act,” Lana told the podcast.

“They were robbing houses, stealing things, and I was along for the ride. I was charged, I spent a year in prison as a juvenile, I was supposed to be there until I was 21-years-old.

“I never took anything, I never made a penny off it. I was small, I was the only girl and so they would put me in the window and I would unlock the door for them to let them in.”

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Once inside, Lana revealed how many of the women had lesbian relationships.

“I had a couple of girlfriends,” she admitted.

“Being only 16 I had never been exposed to this and it was the first time in that environment.

“I remember I had a boyfriend when I went to prison and I was like no I don’t like girls but slowly because everyone around you is engaging in lesbian contact and lesbian relationships it just starts to become the norm.

“If everyone else in the community around you is doing a certain thing or acting a certain way, everyone tends to convert to that at least while they are in that environment.”

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Her relationships only consisted of writing "little letters" and kissing her girlfriends, she said.

And Lana admitted she was "scared at first" when she arrived in prison as fellow inmates wanted to see who could date her first.

She said there were also fights in prison but she tried to be the peacemaker.

The former adult star said: “We did have some crazy violence though, we had riots, girls getting hit, attacks with lunch trays, just like giant fights with hundreds of people.

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“I would pull people off each other be that sort of person in a fight, but I never swung hands on anyone. I would never hit another woman, I will hit men but not women.”

She added that she now would like to go back to prisons and give advice to young women.

“It was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it set me on a better path in my life,” she said.

“So speaking about what I want to do in the future, I want to go back to facilities like that and talk to young girls and give them guidance.”

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