Every Celeb Owns These Jeans, and You Can Have Them for $28 on Prime Day

Famous Levi's on sale for Amazon Prime Day

As much as celebrities love to wear a controversial pair of pants (we’re looking at you Sarah Jessica Parker), they will always succumb to the classic comfort of a worn-in pair of Levi’s 501s. The denim brand that was founded in 1853 is credited with creating the modern concept of jeans as we know it and since then it has outfitted millions in its iconic pairs, including the entirety of Hollywood. 

Dakota Johnson wears Levi’s! Rihanna  wears Levi’s! Bella Hadid practically lives in Levi’s. Basically, it’s hard to name a celebrity who doesn’t own at least five pairs. But like most good denim with a celebrity following , Levi’s aren’t necessarily cheap. That is, until Prime Day rolls around and suddenly every single pair is 40 percent off. You can easily score a pair for $28. $28!!! That’s more affordable than a best-selling L’Oreal moisturizer that visibly reduces wrinkles in seven days (although, coincidentally, that is also on sale for less right now). 

But back to the jeans. Levi’s 40 percent off sale is one of the biggest discounts for this year’s Prime Day and, rightfully so, pairs are selling out fast. Originally, there was a pair available for just $22 but it sold out instantly.

Regardless, you can still order four pairs of Levi’s jeans today for the price of one, and $28 is still so affordable it’ll make anyone do a double take. And once you actually get the jeans in the mail and wear them out, everyone will be doing a double take as you twin with every single supermodel ever. Kaia Gerber who?

Shop the best Levi’s Amazon Prime Day deals below. 

Levi’s 710 Super Skinny Jeans

levis women's super skinny jeans

Shop now: $28 (Originally $70); amazon.com

Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans 

levis womens high rise straight crop jeans

Shop now: $36 (Originally $60); amazon.com

Levi’s Trucker Jacket 

levis original sherpa trucker jacket, blue

Shop now: $59 (Originally $98); amazon.com

Levi’s Straight 505 Jeans

levis women's straight jeans

Shop now: $30 (Originally $50); amazon.com

Levi’s Straight 721 High Rise Jeans 

levis womens high rise skinny jeans

Shop now: $44 (Originally $70); amazon.com

Levi’s New Boyfriend Jeans 

levi's women's new boyfriend jeans

Shop now: $35 (Originally $60); amazon.com

Levi’s Skinny Culture Corner Jeans

levis womens classic bootcut jeans

Shop now: $36 (Originally $60); amazon.com

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