Ever since lockdown my marriage has gone down the pan and all we do is argue

DEAR DEIDRE: EVER since lockdown, my marriage has gone down the pan. All we do is argue.

I’m 48 and I have been working throughout the ­pandemic.

My husband was furloughed and is now due to go back to work but he’s dreading it. He’s 45.

We have had family problems, such as our son coming out as gay.

My husband is a great dad and accepts it, even though it goes against beliefs from his upbringing.

But one day after this, he couldn’t get an erection and now avoids sex and lacks motivation across all aspects of his life.

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DEIDRE SAYS: He needs his confidence boosting so reassure and cuddle him.

He behaved as a loving dad but maybe old attitudes ate away underneath, and now anxiety is blocking his sexual responses.

He can find support at fflag.org.uk who help famil­ies and friends of LGBTQ+.

Also check out my e-leaflet Solving Erection Problems.

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