Elvis Presley’s TCB ring, wallet contents and more REVEALED in Graceland archives video

The latest video from inside the Graceland archives has landed. And this time Director of Archives Angie Marchese has given fans a closer look at Elvis Presley’s personal possessions. These include his TCB ring, reading glasses and wallet contents.

The new Instagram post read: “While Graceland is closed, we’ll bring Graceland to you!

“Join us as we go inside the top-secret #Graceland Archives facility for an exclusive look at artefacts such as Elvis’ iconic TCB ring, wallet and more!”

In the new video, the Graceland archivist revealed: “We have over 5000 pieces of wardrobe, that’s what’s in all these grey boxes.

“Probably one of my favourite things is here marked in the box jewellery.


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Here Angie took out the famous diamond-encrusted TCB ring.

She said: “It’s a ring that we have on display quite often, but right now he’s taking a bit of a rest.

“Elvis’ TCB ring made by Lowell Hays in 1975.

“It has 16 carats of diamonds, the solitaire in centre is 11.5 carats and it has black onyx behind it.”

The archivist continued: “For those of you who know, TCB stands for taking care of business.

“Elvis wore this on and off stage quite frequently.

“It cost $5000 in 1975, just imagine what it [would cost today].”

Rummaging around through a tiger ring, cufflinks and necklaces, Angie next came upon Elvis’ reading glasses.

She revealed: “These are the aviator glasses that were made for him by Dennis Roberts out in California.

“Elvis was slightly nearsighted, so they do have a slight prescription in them.

“And these do not have the TCB on the side, so these were just basic reading glasses.”

While next up was one of Elvis’ wallet – this one specifically from 1957.

Flipping through the contents of the wallet Angie discovered some real treats.

These included a 1957 credit card and a cartoon card reading “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”

Also membership cards for the Sherwood Civic Club and the Screen Actors Guild.

Plus one that identified Elvis as a Detective Sergeant and Detectives Association honorary member for the city of Buffalo, New York.

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