Elvis alive conspiracy explodes with photo of The King ‘after his death’

A man has sensationally claimed that he met Elvis Presley after his death in 1977 when he was allegedly living in Chile under the alias of "Bill" – and says he has a photograph to support it.

Elvis tragically died from a cardiac arrest on August 16, 1977, exactly 33 years ago to this day.

But despite clear evidence proving his death, the conspiracy world has for decades bizarrely claimed the King of Rock and Roll is still alive.

Now, a conspiracy theorist, who does not want to be named, has shared with Daily Star Online a photograph of someone he believes to be Elvis after his death.

The source, who also revealed the man's voice in an audio sample above, said he was known as "Bill".

He supposedly lived in Antofagasta and worked with him in Mejillones in northern Chile for a couple of years before vanishing abruptly with "no goodbyes" and "no farewell party".

"Bill" was said to have refused to pose for photographs, but was surprised one day at work next to the photocopier, as is clear in the picture, taken circa 1994.

The photo shows a man, who appears to be aged in his 60s, looking startled as he is photographed while apparently in the middle of speaking.

He has blue eyes, a strong jaw, and dark hair that is turning white.

Although he was "not happy" with the impromptu photo, he is said to have begrudgingly let his co-worker keep it.

Daily Star Online did a reverse image search of the photograph of "Bill" and it does not appear to exist anywhere else on the internet.

The source said: "I started to think he could be Elvis after I told a friend all the things I had seen and lived working for Bill.

"It started like a joke – saying that Bill could be Elvis living in the underground with a new identity."

He claimed there were weird coincidences that "Bill" and Elvis shared, such as both calling people by the initial of their first name and having broken little fingers.

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    The source said that other co-workers told "Bill" that he looked like Elvis directly to his face, but only ever "as a joke".

    He added: "But more than the look, they were amazed for the voice.

    "Bill just smiled chivalrously and said nothing.

    "I never saw him commenting or making jokes about it."

    According to the source, "Bill" would be in his eighties if he were still alive now and he has not spoken to him since taking a sample of his voice in 2008 during an unannounced phone call.

    Recalling their final conversation, he said: “I never told him I thought he was Elvis Presley.

    "It was a nice but short conversation, but I still think he suspected something.

    "I don’t think I will be in touch with Bill again if he is still alive."

    "There are many theories about why Elvis faked his own death: he was tired of fame, had multimillionaire debts, legal problems…I really don’t know which one makes more sense to me."

    Conspiracy theorists have previously claimed that The King's ex-wife Priscilla Presley "slipped up" in an interview to "prove" their allegation that he is still alive.

    They also pounced on archive footage of his Graceland mansion from 2007 and claim they can hear his voice in the background while Priscilla is being interviewed.

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