Eddie Hall reveals he thought he was going to DIE after 500kg deadlift and also went blind with blood coming out ears – The Sun

EDDIE HALL has told how he thought he was going to die moments after his legendary 500kg deadlift in 2016.

The Beast, 32, went blind and had blood pouring out of his nose, ears and tear ducts after he smashed the world record.

The 28-stone strongman made history when he became the first human to ever lift half a ton off the ground.

But Hall's incredible feat of strength in front of 10,000 fans in Leeds left him fighting for his life backstage.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, the 32-year-old has revealed exactly what happened to him after the lift.

After explaining that he blacked out as soon as he left the stage, he said: "It was at this point I realised I was actually going blind, I lost the vision in the centre of my eye, I couldn't see around it.

"It was like an arc-eye effect, and that's when I got quite scared.

"I remember laying down on my back and staring at the ceiling and this horrible, sort of hallway, behind the arena.

"Just staring at this commercial ceiling with all air ducts and everything, and I thought this is where I'm going to die.

"This is it, this is where Eddie Hall dies.

"People were wiping blood out of my ears, I had blood coming out my tear ducts in my eyes, the blood was still coming out my nose.

"I think it was something pretty evident that I did something pretty serious, I blew something up in my head that was pretty nasty."

Hall revealed it took two to three hours for his blood pressure and heart rate to stabilise.

But the former bouncer admitted the next day he could not even work out how to drive his car home from Leeds.

He said: "I went to drive my car home and I, physically or mentally, could not drive the car.

"I couldn't work out how to work my gear stick, I couldn't work out what the steering did."

The Beast attended his son's fourth birthday party the next day – but couldn't remember people's names and was having the same conversations several times.

And he revealed he did not recognise his own brother when he turned up, which he admitted was "quite scary".

He added: "Apart from the bad brain bleed and the signs of concussions afterwards, I recovered in two weeks, mentally and physically."

Despite the horrific implications of the lift, he concluded: "I always get asked the question, 'would you go back and do it again?'

"I'm like, 'Yeah, course I would, but I'd add ten kilos on, that's what I'd do. I'd go even heavier as I believe there was more in me that day, a lot more."

But the 2017 World's Strongest Man winner was knocked off his perch when Hafthor Julis Bjornsson snatched his record by lifting 501kg this month. 

The pair of giants are now set to settle their differences in the boxing ring in Las Vegas next year. 

Hall has already taunted his 6ft 7in rival by sharing a video of his blistering jab speed ahead of the bout.

It’s official.September 2021 in Las Vegas Nevada, the Mountain vs the Beast.The next year and a half of my career will be solely dedicated towards this fight. I can’t wait to have my family ringside as I throw down.I’m coming for you @eddiehallwsm 🥊🏆 @reignbodyfuel @coresportsworld #WhoWillReign

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