eBay Is Looking to Break Records With This Signed PSA 10 MTG Alpha Black Lotus Card

While the world of Pokémon TCG is still heating up, especially with its upcoming 25th anniversary, eBay is bringing back one of the biggest cards in TCG history as part of its Magic: The Gathering auction.

Led by PWCC, the latest ultra-rare card is looking to crush the PSA 10 Alpha Set Black Lotus card that sold last year for $250,000 USD. The new card in question is aGem Mint PSA 10 MTG Alpha Black Lotus Card signed by artist Christopher Rush himself. So far eBay estimates that there is an MTG card sold every ten seconds on the marketplace. There’s no info yet on the starting bid, but a page over on eBay has been created with a “Coming Soon” teaser. How much do you think this one will bring in?

In other card auction news, a 1952 Mickey Mantle card has just sold for $5.2 million USD.
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