Duchess of Sussex coaches young interviewee as part of Smart Works

Meghan the mentor: Duchess of Sussex coaches young interviewee via video link in her role as SmartWorks patron and tells her to be a ‘beacon of hope and positivity’

  • Meghan Markle, 38, volunteered to mentor a British woman with Smart Works
  • Her patronage shared a video of their virtual call earlier today on Instagram
  • The Duchess of Sussex can be heard telling her she sounds ‘confident’
  • Tells her: ‘I think you’re going to be fantastic, my fingers are crossed for you’
  • Meghan called the youngster ‘a beacon of hope’, praising her for ‘focusing’  

Meghan Markle coached a young interviewee via video link in her role as Smart Works patron, telling her to be a beacon of hope and positivity.’ 

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, spoke with the British youngster virtually from her home in Los Angeles on 27 March to offer words of advice and encouragement ahead of a job interview. 

In a video clip released on the charity’s Instagram page, the Duchess of Sussex, 38, can be seen chatting virtually to an unnamed woman applying for an internship in psychology.  

She praised the youngster for her positive attitude, saying ‘there’s so much going on in the world right now’ but she was being a ‘beacon of hope and all the positivity.’ 

Meghan Markle, 38, volunteered as a mentor for her patronage Smart Works in March, virtually calling a British youngster to offer interview tips 

In the clip, Meghan can be seen wearing a simple deep red v-neck jumper and several gold pendants.

Meanwhile the royal’s dark hair swept back from her face and she could be seen beaming into the camera as she spoke with the youngster.

Sharing the post online, the charity wrote a message from Meghan, posting: ‘It’s been such an honour to meet and learn from so many talented women in the Smart Works network over the years, and recently to see the amazing work they’re doing to adapt their programs to the reality of this pandemic. 

‘Their ability to continue to empower women and help them harness the confidence they need to succeed during this time is inspiring.’

Sharing the video clip online this afternoon, the charity shared a message from the Duchess, who called it ‘an honour’ to meet women through Smart Works 

The charity explained: ‘Since moving to a virtual service six weeks ago we have delivered 200 hours of support to our clients. 

‘From the volunteers who have been delivering coaching online to the staff working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly – the energy, passion and commitment has been overwhelming.’  

During the session, which took place in March, the Duchess praised her for being ‘such a beacon of hope’ and ‘focusing on getting through this.’

In a clip shared from their call, Meghan said: ‘You seem incredibly confident and prepared. Everyone here is so excited, so when I was reading what your interests were – you have a big focus in mental health right? I think that’s excellent.’ 

The Duchess spoke with the British youngster during the call, telling her it was ‘excellent’ that she was taking an interest in mental health

She added: ‘I think you’re going to be fantastic, it’s just so exciting. I just wanted to call in and tell you best of luck and my fingers are crossed for you.’

‘There’s so much going on in the world right now, so to be such a beacon of hope and focusing on getting through it and all the positivity…I just want to send your way, to make sure you can get on the other side of this too.’

When asked about her patronage Meghan said, ‘It’s a pleasure to support them, you see how great they do and how many people they help and that’s what it’s all about. 

‘I’ve been really proud to be able to be their patron, but it’s an easy yes when you have such incredible women helping you.’

Meghan said she wanted to send ‘all the positivity’ to the youngster during the virtual call and revealed she had her fingers crossed for the British woman

After her session with the Duchess, the youngster said: ‘I just wanted to say a big “thank you” to you, the Duchess and the whole team at Smart Works for making this possible for women all around the UK, because to see such work is truly inspiring and uplifting. 

‘And thank you for the super useful interview tips – I will be using them for years to come!

Meghan privately visited Smart Works several times before being named as its royal patron in January last year and has a long-standing commitment to supporting women’s empowerment. 

The Duchess launched the Smart Set collection last September, which saw every item sold by the retailers matched with one item donated to SmartWorks. 

Meghan has worked closely with her patronage since being named it’s royal patron in January last year, launching the Smart Set collection in September

 The royal, who continues to be patronage of the organisation despite stepping back from royal duty, launched her clothing collection with the organisation in September in London 

At the launch of the collection, Meghan’s best friend and designer Misha Nonoo credited the royal with coming up with the idea for the project herself.

Smart Works have a team of 300 trained volunteers and helps long-term unemployed and vulnerable women regain the skills, confidence and tools to succeed at job interviews, return to employment and transform their lives.

 Despite stepping back from royal duties alongside Prince Harry, 35, last month, Meghan has been permitted to maintain her patronages.

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