Dream Team Euros is live! Sign-up to our free-to-play game with a £50,000 jackpot

Dream Team Euros is now live!

Euro 2020 doesn’t kick-off until June 11th and we’ve got the small matter of an all-English Champions League final to contend with first (among other things) but those itching to get a first draft in place for our summery offering of fantasy football can do just that – there’s £50,000 to be won after all!

WIN £50,000! Play Dream Team Euros – our FREE fantasy football game this summer

After signing-up for free, you will be able top create a prototype team while we finalise the player prices.

All prices will be confirmed on May 21st at which point team entry opens for real.

If your prototype team comes in under the £50million budget – happy days.

If your XI is in excess of £50million then you’ll have to make some changes for your team to be eligible to score points once the tournament is underway – you should have plenty of time.

You are free to tinker with your team as much as you want before Euro 2020 kicks off with Turkey vs Italy at 8pm on June 11th.

To give you an indication of how far your budget will stretch, we’ve revealed the prices of Cristiano Ronaldo (£7.0m), Harry Kane (£7.0m) and Kylian Mbappe (£7.5m).

Selecting all three as a gung-ho striker is theoretically possible but it would decimate your budget, leaving you shopping around bargains elsewhere – which strategy will you choose?

WIN £50,000 with Dream Team Euros

Dream Team Euros is HERE!

The best fantasy football game to accompany Euro 2020 has arrived.

And you can play absolutely FREE for your chance to win the £50,000 jackpot.


Dream Team Euros

  • £50,000 jackpot
  • The best fantasy football game this summer
  • Play in mini-leagues against your mates, colleagues, family members – and some hand-picked celebrities
  • FREE to play

Once we’re up and running, you’ll have 20 transfers to implement any changes as the drama unfolds.

Your players will score points based on their performances with goalkeepers and defenders mainly benefiting from clean sheets while the best midfielders and forwards will be the ones banging in the goals.

There’s also points for assists, hat-tricks, match ratings of 7+ – supplied by WhoScored – and the player with the highest match rating once the dust has settled will also be named Star Man – an accolade that earns them an additional five points.

You’ll be able to create private mini-leagues for you and your mates, family members, colleagues, or whoever you play fantasy football against – bragging rights are up for grabs.

Dream Team Euros is free to play and has a winner-take-all jackpot of £50,000!

That’s right, your football knowledge could earn you a life-changing amount of money.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up now!

WIN £50,000! Play Dream Team Euros – our FREE fantasy football game this summer

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