Donald Trump shows wariness when discussing Melania

Donald Trump’s ‘lovely wife’ complimented by Farage

Donald Trump sat down with Nigel Farage in Ireland today for an interview with GBNews.

The former president discussed a range of topics, from the war in Ukraine to the Coronation of King Charles and wind turbines.

One thing he didn’t discuss was his wife Melania Trump, whose birthday he failed to mark last week.

Farage mentioned Trump’s former-model wife, who is the mother of his child Barron Trump, in the interview.

The host complimented the businessman on his “lovely” wife and family. Farage said: “You know, I look at your life. You’ve got the best portfolio of gold courses anyone’s ever owned. You’ve got a lovely wife great kids, a great relationship, a wonderful life.”

However, Trump did not respond to the comment, and the conversation quickly moved on to his plans to run for the presidency at third time.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the moment for She said: “Trump was vocal and even passionate at the end when he got onto claims of a ‘rigged election’ but there was one topic that did seem from his body language to be vaguely out of bounds.

“When Farage mentioned his ‘lovely wife and great kids’ there was no beaming smile of pride from Trump, instead a very faint puckering of the brows and tilt of the head as his lips closed in an expression of what looked like wariness.”

Melania has not joined the president on his trip to Scotland, and then Ireland, which he referred to as his “home” when he landed on Monday.

Instead of his wife Trump was joined by his son Eric to open a second course on the Menie estate.

He told the waiting press as he disembarked his private jet: “It’s great to be home, this was the home of my mother.”

Trump failed to mark Melania’s birthday on Wednesday last week, despite posting to his social media platform Truth Social 15 times that day.

The First Lady was last seen at Mar-a-Lago, where she attended an Easter dinner earlier this month and put on a loved-up display with the former president, according to a body language expert.

However, sources have claimed the former-First Lady is “angry”.

A source told People: “Melania is leading her own life, and still feels happy being at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality or bad things about her husband.”

The same source claimed the former First Lady “remains angry and doesn’t want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned.”

Trump is facing criminal charges over hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had an affair with the former president.

Trump has always denied that any affair took place between himself and the entertainer.

The business mogul has been accused of raping a woman in a department store in a civil trial, which he denies.

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