Disney Just Revealed the Recipe for the Famous ‘Grey Stuff’ From Its Theme Parks

If you’re looking for one of the positive takeaways from this time in quarantine, look no further than the wealth of Disney recipes the company has recently made available.

In the mood for churros? Done. Dole Whip? We’ve got you covered. And the same goes for the company’s takes on grilled cheese, peanut butter, banana, and chocolate French toast, Mickey Mouse–shaped beignets, and cookie fries.

Next on the docket is the mysteriously named Grey Stuff—which, in case you’re not familiar, looks exactly as it name would have you think. The pudding-like dish is typically served at the Beauty and the Beast–themed restaurants: Be Our Guest at Disney World, and the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland. But thanks to Disney Family, this sweet treat is just one more of the iconic Disney recipes that you can whip up from the comfort of your own kitchen.

In case you’re wondering, what grey stuff means (we share your…curiosity), turn to the lyrics to "Be Our Guest" from the classic film.

“Be our guest, be our guest. / Put our service to the test. / Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie, / And we’ll provide the rest. / Soup du jour, hot hors d’oeuvres— / Why, we only live to serve. / Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious. / Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.”

Here’s the latest Disney recipe:


  • 1½ cups milk
  • 3.4-oz. package of instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 15 cookies-and-cream sandwich cookies (think Oreo-type cookies)
  • 8 oz. whipped topping
  • 1 tbsp. instant chocolate pudding mix
  • Scalloped cookies (optional, for serving)


  • Combine the milk and vanilla pudding mix, and whisk until fully mixed.
  • Blend the sandwich cookies in a food processor until they are a very fine texture.
  • Add the cookie dust to the pudding mixture, and stir with a large spoon until fully combined.
  • Mix in the whipped topping and the chocolate pudding mix.
  • Chill to thicken.
  • Serve on a scalloped cookie—or just eat it from the bowl.

While your cooking assistants may not be teapots and candelabras come to life, we have no doubt your “Grey Stuff” will be as delicious as the kind served at Disney.

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