Denise Van Outen recalls shameful drunk rant at Chris Martin and Tom Chaplin

Denise Van Outen retold the moment she "shamefully" raged at Coldplay's Chris Martin and Keane's Tom Chaplin in a drunken rant.

During Tuesday's dose of Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch, the former Big Breakfast presenter explained to Steph and Strictly star John Whaite that she met the global superstars at a wedding reports, The Mirror.

Reminiscing on the moment, she said: "They’re all from posh private Eton type schools and I was with my then-boyfriend, who worked in music.

"You know at weddings you don't eat until late? So I'm doing absinthe shots with Tom from Keane, getting really really plastered and someone made a comment to me about my accent being a bit common from Essex."

She added: "I can't remember any of this but I completely went on the turn, I can't even tell you what I was saying to them all there but I was going 'You're all a bunch of posh…'"

"Someone said to my boyfriend, 'You better take her back to the hotel room and get her out of here', because I was just shouting at all of them going, 'You're all from Eton'."

The West-End actress revealed that she couldn't remember anything the following day and raised with her boyfriend if they wanted to get breakfast.

Out of embarrassment, he interjected and said it would be best if they would left straight away.

She said: "Apparently, I was having a go at Chris Martin… Terrible, shameful, I can't remember any of it!"

Last year, the actress revealed she no longer drinks to get drunk but has no regrets over her wilder days.

She revealed: "Now I feel like alcohol for me is something that I pick and choose whenever I feel it's the right time to have a drink."

Denise opened up about how in the past she would make excuses when she didn't want to drink.

"I don't go out now to get drunk but I think when I was younger we did, you'd go out with your mates with the purpose of just getting really drunk.

"But now when I go out I want to have a good conversation and I want to remember it the next day."

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