Debenhams shoppers share their bargains as stores shut for the last time

DEBENHAMS shoppers have been showing off their bargains as the department store closes its doors for the last time ever.

The chain is shutting its final 28 stores for good today – with customers getting enormous deals on shoes, clothes, make up and even homeware.

The online brand and website has been bought by, but Debenhams as we know it will cease to exist.

And even though the store went into administration in January, 97 locations were opened from April to hold a lockdown fire sale.

For the past month, shoppers could bag bargains of up to 80 per cent off in fashion and home departments, while the price of beauty and fragrances was cut by up to 70 per cent.

But today, fans are reporting even bigger discounts, such as a pair of £129 shoes, reduced to £5 – a saving of 96%. One shopper even said their nearest store was offering anything for £1.

Here's some of the best bargains people have found today – as posted in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and bargains UK.

Shopper Yvonne said her local Debenhams was doing a clearance sale where expensive dresses and jumpsuits that would usually cost hundreds of pounds – were all discounted to £2 each,

Even better, there was a 'buy one – get one free' offer running which means she managed to slash the price by an extra 50%.

That meant she picked up several whole outfits for £6, with one dress originally retailing for £160 and another originally costing £195.

That meant savings of well over 95%.

Meanwhile, Clare snapped a picture of some Faith boots that were discounted from £129 to just £5.

In total that's a saving of 96% on boots that would still cost hundreds at other department stores or if shopping direct.

These brand name sales were common, with lots of shoppers finding bargains on products that are still for sale at full price elsewhere.

It wasn't just clothes or shoes either, some shoppers managed to find heavily discounted make up that was still being sold for significantly more at other retailers.

For instance, Karla found Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid for £7. If you go to the Clarins website and buy it direct it would cost you £35.

Other shoppers spotted foundations and even top perfumes selling for just a few pounds.

Childrenswear was also available at a fraction of the usual cost.For instance, McKenzie managed to get a massive haul of baby clothes at a bargain price.

She said it should have cost her £250 in total, but she ended up spending just £70. That works out at a saving of 72%.

Homeware was another category where people found good deals. For instance, Muthel bagged a £200 lamp for just £15 – a saving of 93%.

She was so thrilled with the deal that she's been back to buy two more hanging lights.

Generally speaking, the later people left it to shop at Debenhams, the more likely they were to find rock bottom prices.

However, shopping on the last day is not without its risks. As a result of the bumper sales, some stores are standing empty and won't let customers in. Others have a few items left at rock bottom prices.

One even said that people are being turned away as some shops are completely out of stock.

Fans of Debenhams have also taken to Twitter, to mourn the end of the 243-year-old institution.

Twitter account Dollymixture said: Just wandered around #Debenhams Nothing to buy, just coathangers being given away and empty rails everywhere. A stark and sad image after so many years. Best wishes to all staff x."

While Cee said: "I just went to Debenhams, almost cried seeing the last customer walk out and no one else was allowed in as they completely sold everything out. Such a shame. #Debenhams."

If your local is shut already or has nothing left on offer, it's worth heading to the website where there are still deals to be found with 30% off everything today.

Debenhams shuts its last store today – everything you need to know.

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Debenhams reopened 97 of its English stores on April 12  – when non-essential retail was allowed under the lockdown easing roadmap.

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