De Beers Group Extends Global Partnership With U.N. Women

De Beers Group marked International Women’s Day by extending its global partnership with U.N. Women for another five years.

The five-year commitment will focus on overcoming some of the historic barriers to women’s advancement in science and technology. De Beers Group will work to enhance talent development and succession programs and extend training and awareness of activities that encourage dialogue and challenge stereotypes. They will also conduct regular reviews based on metrics and ongoing feedback and enable access to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and education.

Additionally, De Beers is joining the newly formed HeForShe Alliance — the United Nations Global Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality — committing to increasing the representation of women in technical and leadership roles within its business, as it works toward achieving gender parity across its workforce by 2030 as part of its Building Forever plan for reaching sustainability goals.

“We are thrilled to be extending our partnership with U.N. Women for another five years and to be joining the newly formed HeForShe Alliance,” Bruce Cleaver, CEO of De Beers Group and U.N. Women HeForShe champion, said. “Achieving gender parity across our workforce is a business-critical priority for De Beers Group — not only is it the right thing to do, it’s the only way we will access a comprehensive range of talent and achieve our full potential. Now more than ever we have a societal imperative to keep working toward gender equality, as the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in new challenges to address.”

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As part of the deepened partnership, De Beers Group will invest an additional $3 million to extend the Accelerating Women-Owned Micro-Enterprises program in southern Africa, building on the $3 million funding the Group had already committed to support women and girls in its producer partner countries.

“We are excited to continue and deepen our partnership with De Beers Group, and we are grateful for Bruce Cleaver’s ongoing commitment to address some of today’s most pressing gender issues, not only internally but also in the communities that De Beers Group operates in,” said Edward Wageni, Global Head of HeForShe. “We are positive that his leadership on this topic will inspire others to also take action.”

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