David Dobrik Returns to YouTube to Flaunt New Mansion with Fruit Punch Fountain

The social media prankster was YouTube silent for 11 months.

David Dobrik returned to his immensely popular YouTube channel to flaunt his new mansion on Monday.

After an 11-month hiatus, the social media star welcomed his millions of fans back to the platform with a video titled “I BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!! (2021).”

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In it, the vlogger — known for outrageous pranks and challenges — shocks his besties by blindfolding them before revealing his over-the-top real estate purchase.

Nestled in the mountains, the home features an infinity pool, a gigantic movie room, heated toilet seats throughout and a water fountain that serves up fruit punch.

When one of his pals asks what brand of beverage is streaming out of the fountain, David replies, “Hawaiian Punch, you fat f—-.”

David also showed off his new podcast studio, which will be used to record “Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash.”

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“I’m super stoked about this studio because I can’t be filming the videos that I would normally be making like the vlogs, but here we have a controlled environment,” he explained. “And everyone that comes in and out of here is COVID tested so we’ll be able to follow the COVID guidelines and still have fun in this cute little room.”

Back in March, David unplugged his YouTube channel amid the pandemic, announcing in a video, “Due to COVID-19 it’s been basically impossible to film the stuff we would normally want to film. You’re going to have to bear with me on the vlogs for a little bit. Regular posts will be back as soon as quarantine is over…”

Even though quarantine has yet to end, David appears to be back for now, as he announced a new video would be released on Tuesday.

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