Daily horoscope for September 8: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday’s horoscope is mainly influenced by the Moon moving to a new star sign in the skies. The Moon begins the day in Taurus before entering the star sign Gemini.

Astrologers understand this can create a kinetic energy that crackles to such a degree you may have trouble getting to sleep.

The Taurus Moon is believed to be an intuitive combination, able to read the room.

Then as the Moon forms a Trine with the planetary pair Pluto and Saturn, it is an opportunity to take a practical approach to problems.

A trine is an angle of 120 degrees depending on the planets involved.

This astrological aspect relates to what is natural and indicates harmony and ease.

As a result, Tuesday is a time to tackle finances and do whatever is necessary to make you feel safe and secure.

The minor planet Pluto and ringed wonder Saturn leave no stone unturned.

Expect the themes of this event to involve consolidation, stabilisation and security.

Then, as the day begins to wind-down the Moon enters Gemini.

You may experience the belief somebody is waiting to get in touch in the evening.

The Moon is exceptionally busy this Tuesday, as it also forms a Sextile with Venus.

The Sextile is considered in some circles to be an aspect formed when planets are two degrees apart.

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Today’s aspect is thought to be conducive to communication.

This means conversations will be all-the-more entertaining and rewarding on Tuesday.

The day can also offer plenty of much-needed stability.

This is reinforced by the Gemini Moon’s Sextile with the fiery planet Venus helping to get the ball rolling.

But although the day is one of the most significant for your horoscope, it is only a precursor to Wednesday.

This is likely the most important day of the whole week.

Tomorrow finds the red planet Mars turning Retrograde and gas giant Jupiter Trines the Sun.

You can consequently anticipate the middle of the week to involve unimaginable quantities of energy and enthusiasm.

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