Daily horoscope for October 29: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday’s (October 29) horoscope is heavily influenced by Earth’s natural satellite remaining in star sign Aries. Our lunar orb continues to wax contentedly in anticipation of this weekend’s Taurus Full Blue Moon.

And when this arrives on Halloween, astrology advocates think we will most likely enjoy a truly magical event.

As a result, Thursday is an ideal opportunity to put the finishing touches to your creation.

The question you should be asking yourself at this moment is how you want to celebrate this Halloween.

Use some introspection generated by star sign Aries to understand what gets you buzzing with excitement.

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And this is also a good time to question whether you are ready to turn your life around.

All in all, you are on a mission this Thursday and many of you will simply not take “no” for an answer.

This is because the lunar orb remains in self-possessed Aries, where the star sign refuses to wait for anybody.

The Moon is only just getting started in Aries, meaning many of us can expect a busy run-up to the waiting weekend.

Aries is all about action, and if the Fire Sign has a motto it would probably be “just do it” and sometimes this is all it takes.

This is the case, even if you jump in and make some colossal mistake, this is still infinitely better than passively doing nothing.

So remember, once all is said and done, people only ever regret when they fail to be proactive.

The Moon then creates a Conjunction with Mars, which remains Retrograde in Aries.

Conjunctions are considered to take place when a pair of planets combine in the same star sign.

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Today’s Conjunction combination is sounding some sort of alarm.

This most likely reminds all of us to complete what we are doing in a responsible manner.

Get all of your affairs in order so you are properly prepared for the electrifying and illuminating Full Moon that is almost upon us.

Although Mars still retains the appearance of Retrograde, it still has its own agenda.

This will see a shift in swirling energies, capable of transforming certain aspects of our lives

Right now, the Red Planet is probably giving people a push to get us all over the finish line.

As the Moon and Mars meet, you feel the urge to do something, not similar to an itch you desperately wish to scratch.

The busy Moon next heads to gas giant Jupiter, which is winking at the Lunar Nodes.

Action is again of the essence but maintain an open mind as well.

As a result, Thursday is a good time to try and ditch any false beliefs.

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