Couple find secret 126-year-old well hidden underneath their kitchen floor

Emma Harrison, 28, and Rhys Stainer, 27, had a pretty big surprise waiting for them when they moved into their new home.

Emma and Rhys, from Malvern Hills found an old water well hidden beneath their kitchen floor, neatly hidden under a tile in the floor.

Coming in at over 20ft deep, the couple posted a video of the wild discovery on TikTok, which swiftly earned more than 5.3 million views and over 232,000 likes, and left viewers ‘terrified’.

Emma and Rhys think their secret water well was built with the house in 1897, which would make it 126 years old.

‘We absolutely love period properties and this feature was a great find,’ Emma said.

‘It [the well] had unfortunately been boarded over by the previous owners and wasn’t on show, but you can pop up the floorboard.

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‘We assume from our research it was built at the same time as the house to provide the original house with a water supply.

‘The house was built in 1897.’

Rhys has been filmed lifting the floorboard to reveal a hidden latch that covers the well in their house.

They also filmed themselves using a mug tied to a string to measure how deep the well goes.

Emma said: ‘Hopefully we can put lights all the way down the well, so you can see right to the bottom and a glass top that you can walk over.

‘It will make a great feature in the new kitchen.

‘We’re going to do it all ourselves, but we’re expecting it will take a few years.’

When they posted their video, social media users flocked to the comments to share how creeped out the well makes them.

‘Your husband is really brave standing over the 20-foot hole in his socks on bare wood,’ wrote one person.

Another commended: ‘Nope nope I would never stay there after finding that.’

‘With all the horror films I have watched I recommend closing it permanently,’ wrote somebody else.

A fourth person quipped: ‘How do ye handle the ghosts and/or demonic creatures? add a padlock or is there a spray?’ [sic]

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