DEAR DEIDRE: MY two dogs have got me through the darkest days but now my ­anxiety is off the scale and I’m petrified they will get stolen.

I’ve recently got out of an abusive relationship.

My partner beat me black and blue and there were times when I wouldn’t have been able to carry on without the love and loyalty of my little rescue dogs.

The council has rehomed me but I’m now an hour’s drive from my family and the garden which goes with my flat is a block away.

I’ve read so many stories about dognappers stealing young dogs and am on edge every time I take them to our little garden or for their daily walks.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is wonderful you have such a loving bond with your dogs. While dognapping is on the rise, it is very important to remember that it gets so much coverage because it is still an unusual event.

You have been through so much that the thought of losing your beloved dogs is very unsettling.

There is no need to struggle alone when help is available. I am attaching my support pack on Stress, which will help you, and please contact Anxiety UK (, 03444 775 774) who can help.

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