Copa America 2021 fixtures and results: Full schedule including Brazil and Argentina games for this year's Copa America

COPA AMERICA 2021 is finally upon us after having to wait a year for the South American football extravaganza to start.

A late change of hosts managed to save this summer's tournament, too, as Brazil stepped in to take the reins after Argentina and Colombia dropped out.

And this weekend, it all finally gets underway, starting with Brazil's clash against Venezuela.

The final will take place a month from now on July 11 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Fixtures and results

Sunday, June 13

Round 1

  • Sunday 13th June
  • Brazil v Venezuela (10pm)

Monday, June 14

  • Colombia v Ecuador (1am)
  • Argentina v Chile (10pm)

Tuesday, June 15

  • Paraguay v Bolivia (1am)

Thursday, June 17

Round 2

  • Colombia v Venezuela (10pm)

Friday, June 18

  • Brazil v Peru (1am)
  • Chile v Bolivia (10pm)

Saturday, June 19

  • Argentina v Uruguay (1am)

Sunday, June 20

Round 3

  • Venezuela v Ecuador (10pm)

Monday, June 21

  • Colombia v Peru (1am)
  • Uruguay v Chile (10pm)

Tuesday, June 22

  • Argentina v Paraguay (1am)

Wednesday, June 23

Round 4

  • Ecuador v Peru (10pm)

Thursday, June 24

  • Brazil v Colombia (1am)
  • Bolivia v Uruguay (10pm)

Friday, June 25

  • Chile v Paraguay (1am)

Sunday, June 27

Round 5

  • Brazil v Ecuador (10pm)
  • Venezuela v Peru (10pm)

Tuesday, June 29

  • Uruguay v Paraguay (1am)
  • Bolivia v Argentina (1am)

Friday, July 2


  • QF1: Runner-up in Group B v Third in Group A (10pm)

Saturday, July 3

  • QF2: Winner of Group B v Fourth in Group A (1am)
  • QF3: Runner-up in Group A v Third in Group B (11pm)

Sunday, July 4

  • QF4: Winner of Group A v Fourth in Group B (2am)

Tuesday, July 6


  • SF1: Winner of QF2 v Winner of QF1 (12am)

Wednesday, July 7

  • SF2: Winner of QF4 v Winner of QF3 (2am)

Saturday, July 10

Third-place play-off

  • Loser of SF2 v Loser of SF1 (1am)

Sunday 11th July


  • Winner of SF2 v Winner of SF1 (1am)

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