Conor Benn aims to throw kitchen sink at Sebastian Formella after buying house in lockdown with pregnant partner

CONOR BENN will throw the new kitchen sink at Sebastian Formella on Saturday thanks to the new family force inspiring his career.

The 24-year-old welterweight has enjoyed a huge fanbase since his professional debut in 2016, thanks to his British boxing legend dad Nigel and his all-action style.

But the 16-0 ace is on the cusp of a breakout win that will take him well out of his two-weight champ’s shadow and he has pregnant wife Victoria to thank.

The Essex-based pair are expecting their first child at the start of 2021 and are busy nesting to get ready for the arrival.

And Benn is filled with pride and thanks for how his missus has not just coped with the strain but helped with his crucial camp

Ahead of the clash against the 22-1 German, Benn said: “I have just bought a house, we’re sorting out the decorating and just bought a kitchen, so it's a busy time.

“I have a pregnant wife at home but I have had more mood swings than she has but thankfully she is a really strong woman.

“She’s craved all sorts of food but for the whole 12-week camp we have not had any of it in the house, she has put everything on hold for me.

“I’m really affectionate usually but, when I get a fight date, tunnel vision comes over me and my mood completely changes so I appreciate her so much for putting up with it all.”

Benn was launched into the deep as a 19-year-old boy with minimal amateur background and a mountain of inherited pressure.

But he has dealt with the aggro, quietly improved under trainer Tony Sims and survived in-ring scares and painful injuries.

And one of those testing times helped mould him into the man we see today.

“There was a period where I thought I was all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips,” he said.

“I was driving around in the summer with my top off and the music loud, spending my last bit of dough on designer shoes and clothes.

“But when I broke my jaw I looked in my wardrobe I realised ‘none of that gear is going to help me’.

“Now I save, I have almost become as careful as my old man, because I am building for my family now, making a life for my children next.”

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