Confederate Flag Owner Gets Schooled by Neighborhood Child on Racism

“Do your research before you actually come to me and sound like a f—— r—-d,” he told the boy.

A fully grown adult TikTok user who posted a video of himself arguing with a child about how his Confederate flag wasn’t racist appears to have though better of his decision.

While the account which originally posted the video no longer exists, thanks to the Internet’s knack for keeping receipts for eternity, the footage went viral across social media nevertheless this week.

The cringe-worthy clip shows a homeowner sitting on his porch, when a young child rides up on a bicycle and says: “Can I ask you a question? Do you mind taking that flag down?”

The flag in question is a mash-up of both the Stars and Stripes, and the Confederate flag. The video of the incident appears to have come from the homeowner’s Nest.

“No,” the man replies, and the child duly begins to cycle off — before the homeowner decides to debate the youngster. “Why?” he asks.

“Because no one in the neighborhood likes it,” the child explains. “It’s an American flag,” the man insists, but the little boy retorts it’s actually a racist flag.

“It’s not a racist flag,” he shoots back. “Yeah it is,” this kid tells him, “I’m not stupid.”

“Uh, yes you are,” the man lands a zinger.

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After some more mature back and forth, he eventually tells the child: “Why don’t you actually YouTube what the flag actually represents and do your research before you actually come to me and sound like a f—— r–ard?”

“It’s a freedom. Do your research,” he tells the departing child, who calls back “Maybe you should.”

In a later clip, the man shows off the flag hanging proudly from his porch. “This is the flag the kid wanted me to remove. I see no problem with it at all. Uneducated little bastard.”

The clip spread like wildfire on social media, though perhaps not in the way the original poster would have liked. Their account no longer exists on TikTok.

The little boy meanwhile has come in for universal praise.

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