Comcast’s Sky Sets Launch Date For New Channels Sky Documentaries & Sky Nature

Comcast-owned Sky will launch its new factual channels, Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature, on May 27 in the UK.

Sky announced the channels in January as part of a new £30M ($37M) commitment to factual programming. They will go live alongside a rebranding of A+E Networks’ History as Sky History under a joint venture announced in February.

Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature will be populated with hundreds of hours premium programming, including acquisitions and new commissions.

Sky Documentaries will feature up to 30 original single documentaries a year, as well as 18 multi-part series. They will sit alongside acquisitions like Hillary Clinton’s Hulu documentary Hillary and Mark Wahlberg’s HBO show McMillions.

Sky Nature will initially be led by acquisitions, including those under its Love Nature output deal and its existing David Attenborough collection, but by 2021 it plans to have Planet Earth and Blue Planet-level originals on air.

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