Colo. Man Wins 2 $1M Powerball Tickets in the Same Day While Playing Same Set of Numbers

One Colorado man has proven the odds are definitely in his favor.

“Joe B” won not one, but two, $1 million Powerball prizes on March 25 while playing the same set of numbers, the Colorado Lottery said in a press release.

The Pueblo man came to claim his prize Monday at the Lottery’s drive-thru claims office.

Joe bought a few Powerball plays in the morning at a 7-Eleven on Lake Ave., and that same night, bought some more at Loaf N’ Jug, also on Lake Ave., the release said.

He’s been playing the same numbers (5-9-27-39-42) for 30 years, according to CNN.

Joe already has big plans for how he’s going to spend his new windfall — or at least, his wife does.

“When the claims man asked what he and his wife plan to spend the money on, he said, ‘The Boss has plans for it,’” the release said. “Smart man!”

Though this is a first for the Colorado Powerball, a similar thing happened in Virginia in 2012, CNN reported.

In that instance, a woman mistakenly bought two Powerball tickets with the same number, and wound up winning two $1 million prizes, just like Joe, according to CNN.

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