Chrissy Teigen Just Got Mad at John Legend and You'll Understand Why

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend—sometimes, they truly are just like us. 

As the coronavirus pandemic wages on, this celebrity couple has continued to give us the hilarious social media distractions we all could use right now. Such was the case again late Monday when the famous foodie and mom of two shared something her Grammy-winning husband did that, let’s face it, would make you irrationally mad, too. 

“Just caught myself asking john to get up and heat me food then getting mad him for missing part of the show we were watching while he was heating me food,” she wrote in a tweet. “It’s not an easy job, his.”

Legend had the right response. “You’re perfect,” he tweeted back with a heart eyes emoji. 

Meanwhile, Twitter users were busy weighing in, of course.

“You are already married. It is safe to tell the truth now,” one tweet to the singer read. 

“Well if he was a better husband he’d have moved a fridge and microwave into every room in the house, don’t blame yourself HE SHOULD BE THINKING!” comedian Urzila Carlson tweeted. 

Teigen’s social media chronicles of her and Legend’s youngsters have been particularly relatable. Just days ago, she got her 4-year-old daughter Luna on camera asking to play the piano for a bit—without her younger brother Miles

His response? “No.”

As Teigen captioned the clip, “*stares into space and cries*”  

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