Chloe x Halle, Queens of Virtual Performances, Sing a Live Acoustic Version of "Forgive Me"

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Chloe x Halle’s song “Forgive Me” any more, they go and drop an acoustic version. The sisters unveiled the stripped-down rendition in a live performance during

Variety‘s Power of Young Hollywood virtual program on Thursday. Rocking gorgeous matching gowns, the Ungodly Hour singers showed off their heavenly vocals while Halle strummed a guitar. The siblings have become expert remote performers, as they’ve previously transformed their backyard into beautiful sets for events such as the BET Awards and their Today show appearance.

The Power of Young Hollywood gathering took place to honor trailblazing celebrities and benefit the nonprofit Rock the Vote, which aims to encourage young people to hit the polls. Before their performance, Chloe x Halle shared a word with viewers about the importance of their artistry. “Women are incredibly powerful, and even though the world tends to underestimate us, we all know our worth,” Chloe said. “I think it’s really special how two young Black girls — my sister and I — can create something from nothing, especially in a male-dominated industry. A lot of the songwriters are men, a lot of the producers are men, a lot of the engineers are men, but it’s really fun taking that narrative and completely screwing it up and being like, ‘Hey, we can do it all, as well.'” Watch the duo sing “Forgive Me” in the video above!

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