Charcuterie wreaths are having a moment on Instagram right now

The best parts about Christmas are undoubtedly the wine, cheese boards and decorations. 

From the minute the first wreath is put in place and the first charcuterie selection is set upon our table, all bets are off and it’s Christmas songs all the day long. 

So why not make the Christmas of 2020 better than any other by blending these two beloved festive items to make a charcuterie wreath?

Otherwise known as a ‘charcutewreath’, it’s like any other charcuterie board, so you’ll need your cheeses of choice (mozzarella, brie, gouda), meats (salami, prosciutto) crackers, grapes, nuts, honey and jam.

However, instead of using a standard rectangle board, make sure to place the ingredients on a round version to mimic the appearance of a wreath. 

From there, add lots of green in the form of leaves and sprigs, and voila! Your charcuterie wreath is complete. 

If you’re struggling to find some artistic flair when it comes to making your own wreath, Instagram is the best place to scroll for some charcuterie inspiration. 

The trend is often originally credited to Cynthia Baysinger of Modern Brie, a small business in Gilbert, Arizona in the United States where charcuterie boards are a speciality. 

Cynthia shares various pictures of her creations and tutorials on how to make the boards too, including how to assort the cured meats into flowers and other shapes.

Some charcuterie wreath makers have added sweets such as cookies and candy canes, while others have included peppermint, fruits, gingerbread men and herbs such as rosemary to add texture. 

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