Cat owners are styling their pets' mane to make them look like dragons

It’s dino-paws! Cat owners embrace bizarre craze for shaving spikes down their pets’ backs to make them look like dragons and dinosaurs – and even dye them GREEN

  • Cat owners from all over the world have given in to a new bizarre grooming trend
  • They shaved and cut their felines’ manes so that they resemble dragon spikes
  • Viral pictures show that the pets are perhaps not amused with owners’ musings 

While some people are using their time in lockdown to give themselves DIY haircuts, others are more focused on making sure their pets are elaborately groomed. 

Cat owners from around the world have been showing off pictures online of their felines with a ‘dragoncut’ – or ‘dinocut’ as it’s also known – where their fur is shaved to give the illusion of spikes down their back. 

Some have taken the dragon look a step further by dyeing their pet’s fur a vivid shade of green, and the look appears to be particularly popular for cats that have grumpy expressions to match their fierce beast.  

A bizarre trend sees cat owners buzzing the mane of their beloved pet to have them resemble dragons (pictured: a cat dyed green and subjected to the bizarre haircut)

The ‘dragoncut’ – or ‘dinocut’ as it’s also known – is a grooming style that sees felines turn into dinosaurs or dragons (pictured)

The haircut consists in shaving off some of the hair on the sides, and cutting the top of the mane in triangles (pictured)

This cat looks like it’s ready to spit fire after getting the unusual haircut from their owner (pictured)

While it seems some owners can’t get enough of the hairstyle trend, the cats seem to have different opinions (pictured)

The felines don’t seem to impressed with their new looks after going under the buzzer (pictured)

Some owners have boasted about their creative chops online, but their cats would not say they agree (pictured)

In some instances, the mane is cut in squares rather than triangle at the top of the cat’s back (pictured)

The tails of the cats are also styled to match the rest of their mane to complete the look (pictured)

The most dedicated owners even used pet-friendly dyes in order to colour their pet’s hair (pictured)

Thankfully, the cut does not hurt, and all the cats can do is nap it out until their beautiful hair grows back (pictured)

The head of the animal is usually left alone. Some owners left some fluff on their pets’ tails (pictured)

While the side and front of the cat are sometimes completely buzzed, some owners left their hair intact on their legs and paws (pictured)

Owners also shave the length of the hair, leaving the paws alone, to make it look like a cat is wearing slippers (pictured)

Most of the cats did not seem to share their owners’ creative sensibilities after their haircuts (pictured)

The hair of this cat created an optical illusion when his owners thinly cut his mane (pictured)   

This unimpressed kitty looked for comfort in the family’s fridge after he received his haircut (pictured)

The trend has been blossoming online in recent years, with many proud owners sharing pictures of their pets (pictured)

These owners used blue dye on the top of their cat’s hair to give the haircut even more of an edge (pictured)

This dragfon-cat seemed to wonder why the family’s other feline friend did not get the same haircut (pictured)

A groomer showed their precise work, which each square on top of this cat being styled with careful measurements (pictured(

This feline looked particularly displeased with their owner’s musing after their hair transformation (pictured)

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