Carrot the Cat Is the Perfect Social Distancing Buddy, Who's Also BFFs with Ellen DeGeneres

“Carrot has helped me reach people on the other side of the world by sharing through her what Erin‘s Law is. People that would never know about it had it not been for the cat,” Merryn said, adding that through Carrot’s account she has also been able to raise funds for child abuse prevention non-profits.

It all ties into Baliey’s overall message of kindness, acceptance, and compassion — traits that this little cat exudes every day by loving her family no matter what adorably wild plans they have in store for her.

“My goal is to make people laugh and smile when they come to my account,” Merryn said of Carrot’s Instagram. “There is so much negativity in this world people see on the TV and social media I want to spread a little joy and happiness and I am doing it daily through a sweet silly kitten named Carrot.”

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