CAPCOM Announces 'Resident Evil Re:Verse' Multiplayer Shooter and 'Resident Evil Village' Release Date

During its Resident Evil Showcase last week, CAPCOM made a series of announcements fans of the franchise would be delighted to hear, including the release date for the upcoming Resident Evil Village and a new multiplayer shooter named Resident Evil Re:Verse.

Scheduled for a May 7 release, Resident Evil Village will immediately be available across all platforms at launch, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC and Steam. For those lucky enough to own a PS5 right now, CAPCOM has also made available a demo of the game, which focuses on puzzles revolving around a character known as The Maiden.

As for Resident Evil Re:Verse, the new title will be attached to all purchases of Resident Evil Village at no extra cost, and offer players a new multiplayer shooter experience featuring a whole roster of your favorite characters from across the franchise, including Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Each character will have their own unique abilities, and when a player dies, they can respawn into the game as a bioweapon like Nemesis or Jack Baker.

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